Holy Cats! Video about stray cats in the Old City of Jerusalem / D R A F T


Holy Cats! Jerusalem’s Strays and Their Unsung Guardian

National Geographic’s blurb: March 16, 2017 – Stray cats are found everywhere in the Old City of Jerusalem. Their overpopulation threatens the well-being of these felines, leaving them susceptible to disease, neglect and starvation. However, one resident has made it her mission to look after Jerusalem’s strays and to give them the best life possible. Tova Saul has devoted an enormous amount of time and money to feed and rescue stray cats. In 2016 alone, she spent close to $15,000 USD to trap, spay, and release 76 cats, rescue and place 48 kittens in homes, and provide medical care for 28 sick cats and kittens. As an observant Jew and animal lover, she is driven by a duty to stop the suffering of all animals, a concept she feels is not entirely observed by others of her faith. Follow Saul as she ventures throughout the city, including Jewish and Muslim neighborhoods, to feed cats and trap them for spaying and to educate curious onlookers of all religions.

Embedded link: Learn more about Tova Saul’s work in Jerusalem.

It takes you to her blog — https://holylandcats.wordpress.com/ — which has lots of short videos of cat rescues in the Old City. Says Tova Saul on her about page:

I created the holylandcats blog to bring attention to the plight of Israeli cats, and hopefully to encourage you to help save them. I also hope to inspire you to visit Israel through pictures – many of them taken by fantastic photographers — highlighting the beautiful cities, biblical and historical sites, archeological ruins and stunning natural settings where you will find our Holy Land Cats.

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