We’re moving spiritual direction posts to a new address/blog

Finally, the wraps are coming off, and I’m moving the spiritual direction content to a new blog, which I’ll continue to call Ordinary Time, and renaming this blog Hemlandssånger. Here are links to two posts on the new iteration of Ordinary Time — a reminder of the power of intercessory prayer, garnered from a book I picked up in a hurry to read in a doctor’s office; and an autobiographical piece on a newspaper editor who inspired me during the Civil Rights struggle of the 1950s. And here’s a list — and links — for all three active blogs I maintain. They are:

Ordinary Time (the URL is ordinaryzenlutheran.com) is the continuation of my spiritual journal, perhaps most accurately described as the musings of a spiritual mutt who belongs to a Lutheran church but who has amoeba-like ecumenical tendencies and tries to experience an occasional Zen moment from time to time. It’s called “ordinary” time since it follows the lectionary, or readings assigned to different seasons of the church year — including the season called “Ordinary Time” — at least when my attention doesn’t wander elsewhere.

Hemlandssånger (https://hemlandssanger.wordpress.com/). That’s the new name for this blog. It’s a Swedish word that means “songs of the homeland” in English — the little circle over the “a” is pronounced like aw and it doesn’t show up in the URL since the Swedish letter “å” isn’t in the English alphabet. It started as a spiritual journal and a suitable home for my research notes on Swedish hymnody; now it’s primarily a research blog, much of it (at present) on Swedish-American immigrant church history. Up till now (July 2019) it also carried my spiritual posts.

Hogfiddle (now at hogfiddle.wordpress.com and formerly, from 2006 through 2016, at hogfiddle.blogspot.com). As I described it in the original header, it’s “about dulcimers, history, hymnody and all kinds of music.” Before I retired, I used it in my cultural studies classes at Benedictine University Springfield; now it’s a more-or-less straight music blog, largely geared to a slow jam and tune learning circle I take part in. It also has my research notes on the mountain dulcimer and a related Swedish and Norwegian box zither called a psalmodikon.

I’ve had other blogs, and you may Google into them at odd times (although I’m not sure why anybody would want to). They were The Mackerel Wrapper, for my mass comm. students at Benedictine, and something I called my teaching b/log. I started keeping it when I chaired the student learning outcomes assessment committee (and the less said about that debacle, the better)! Both are on hiatus now, and I suspect the hiatus will be permanent.

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